All-in-one-can recycling™, makes it efficient and easy for our customers to reduce their impact on the environment in their home or business.  Those who have all in one can recycling™ don’t have to go through the extra effort to sort and separate their garbage. It’s really easy to be motivated to recycle when absolutely no effort is involved on the customer’s part and high tech machinery does the work for you.  The bottom line is more families, children, people in general, may recycle their garbage easily and, in the end, MUCH LESS trash is dumped in the landfill. Dixon Disposal is locally owned and family run.  We work ALL DAYS except Christmas, we don’t require a contract, and we give stellar service to all of our customers.

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WE WORK ALL HOLIDAYS BUT CHRISTMAS!   Locally owned, family run.  Dixon Disposal.

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ALS Icebucket Challenge

The phenomenon of the “ALS ice bucket challenge” is sweeping the world right now. Kids, Movie Stars, Cartoons, and even average every-day adults are stepping up to be doused in freezing water to bring more awareness and donations to ALS and research to cure it. Thanks to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (#ALSicebucketchallenge), more people…

Green Education

Welcome back UVA students! No doubt you are all busy settling into your new dorm or apartment, but there are a few things you should keep in mind for your temporary home. Here is some green education for you to take to your dorm and your classes while you’re here for school:   1. Be Thrifty Hit…

New Uses For Old Things

Before they head to the compost bin, give these goods a new life.  Here are several new uses for old things: Lemon as Toothpick Collector  Collect used toothpicks at a party so you don’t end up with them all over your tables, seats, and floors. (Stick one in the lemon ahead of time to give…